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Authentic African Arts & Crafts At Your Finger Tips

Our Marketplace is your direct link to Africa’s finest arts and crafts. Each purchase supports the artisans and local businesses whilst helping preserve and highlight the rich cultural heritage of our beautiful continent.

At the African Furniture Market, we embrace the full range of African artistry. From timeless antiques to modern contemporary creations, our artisans infuse stories and traditions into every piece.

Our Commitment to You

Every item at is a testament to the enduring legacy of African craftsmanship. By choosing our handcrafted pieces, you become a part of this legacy, embracing the beauty and narratives woven into each creation.

Our commitment to promoting traditional craftmanship means that with every purchase, you support the furtherance of this aim. Our artisans use organic materials and traditional techniques that help preserve our craft heritage and workshop environments for future generations.

When you shop with us, you uplift local artisans and small businesses, directly contributing to their livelihood and the continuation of their remarkable skills.

We’re not just a marketplace; we’re a community. Here, you’ll join craft enthusiasts, artists, and event organisers in a shared passion for all things African, enriching your experience with every interaction.

Through our educational initiatives, competitions and digital content, we aim to spark creativity within the next generation. We also don’t just dump items on your lap, where available we offer resources to explore the stories behind the artistry, enhancing your appreciation and understanding of handcrafted treasures.

We are a socially inclusive marketplace and our doors are are open to all diverse cultures, tribes and artistic expressions that make up our beautiful continent. By supporting our platform, you open a window of opportunity to a wealth of perspectives and practices, reflecting the vibrant diversity found within the African continent.

We promote a code of conduct that demands quality and excellence. In our marketplace we encourage sellers to uphold this for the integrity of the collective community. You will find a array of different products in the marketplace from all over Africa, not only the finest handcrafted products but artworks and items that showcase different levels of artisanal skill and craftsmanship.

Your satisfaction is our mission. Whether you’re an event organiser,  a upcoming artisan, or a lover of African crafts, we’re here to ensure your experience with us is second to none.