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Concession Management For Events

Enhance your event with a unique and authentic African Craft market experience. 

Your guests will experience a authentic African craft market concession, taste world-class cuisine, listen to African favourites and enjoy fresh, professional branded environments that enhance the attendee event experience. 

Your team benefit from a battle hardened, experienced production team, ready to anticipate, negate and manage the challenges – events and festivals throw up. 

Our clients look to us for expertise across a wide range of areas such as

  • Planning and Analysis
  • RFP development and administration
  • Vendor outreach and allocation
  • Artisan/Craftsman/Brand outreach and allocation
  • Event merch creation & distribution
  • Allocation of revenue protection officers
  • Customer service training

Backed by over 25 years of experience in the carnival, festival and concert sectors, African Furniture Market is well equipped to bring a authentic ray of African sunshine to all your events and festivals. 

Optimise revenues & attendee experiences

Planning, Analysis and Development

Truly inspired concession programs are built on good planning and creativity. Over the years we have amassed an enormous volume of data which we supplement with your event-specific information to get better attendee engagement. Our team provides creative planning services, sizing analysis, merchandise and space planning, financial forecasting, capital budgeting, and event planning solutions.

Vendor Outreach, RFP Development and Space/Pitch Allocation

We’re known for creating concession programs that evoke a deep sense of the Caribbean. Our programs ensure the participation of both national brands and Caribbean favorites, while creating opportunities for local and ACDBE businesses. We leverage our deep expertise and valuable relationships—and act on your behalf as partners throughout the entire RFP development, administration and evaluation process—all the way through the development and negotiation of space allocation agreements.

Concession Marketing Optimisation

We can assist in the strategic planning and analysis of marketing fund expenditures, to increase sales & revenue and enhance attendee experiences. We encourage the efficient and impactful use of concession marketing resources. We leverage our experience and industry relationships to help you save and cut out unwanted and unnecessary expenditure. Our Concession Marketing team supports experienced event hosts and management teams as well as teams with little, limited or no in-event marketing experience.

Retail Management

Ensuring the effective operation and high performance of event concession programs takes constant attention to operations, vendor performance, and customer service. Clients trust Sweet Sweet Jamaica for financial controls, accounting and program analysis, site administration, deployment of revenue protection officers, marketing fund management, operations management, project coordination, brand space allocation and more. We even offer more specialised expertise including security badging procedures, on site supply and distribution solutions.

Do you know an event or festival that would benefit from a fully managed African Craft Concession?

Choosing the amount of retail space required
Choosing look and feel of retail space deciding on props, banners, signposting that will enhance attendee engagement and boost sales
Planning, design and ordering of in-event merchandise offerings
Planning and managing the event infrastructure
Site power management, fencing, marquees, flags, seating, working compounds, managing the complete site development
Deploying cashless payment solutions
Booking music and bands
Providing on-site wholesale and logistics
Installing fully developed networks from public Wi-Fi
Securing and matching your event with brand partners
Event RFP Development and Securing of Caribbean/Latino themed vendors
Supporting with your sustainability mission and messaging
Allocation of revenue protection officers
And more